I'm 26, My period came two weeks early which has never happened before, usually its a few days late or early not a whole 2 weeks. I have a 7 year old little girl and from previous experience i am getting similar symptoms of pregnancy. My boy friend (who is not my daughter's father) We have unprotected sex but he does not ejaculate inside me, I know this isn't a sure way of not getting pregnant but just thought I would mention. i have been using the pill for most of my life after my daughter, but in the last two months i was not on the pill (missed too many days to start the pack)

My main concern is again: My period came two weeks early(Full period), then started having horrible head aches which i never get, then nausea, and the feeling to use the bathroom very often, I am always tired now all i wanna do is sleep. Then peeing more often than usual even though i am not drinking much. I want to take a test (I will) just thought i would get some advice as well


thanks for any responses