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My dad is 73 today. He has type 2 diabetes, a history of heart attack and stroke. His right side is paralyzed. He has prostate/kidney problems and lately has been getting arrhthmias. He eats, drinks and takes medication at his own discretion, meaning sometimes he's anorexic and doesn't take his meds at all and sometimes he gorges himself and takes medication at whatever dose he thinks is necessary. BUN baseline was 35. last month tested at 75. Retested after drinking water at 55. Creatinine was 1.4 His "normal" glucose before eating is 120. His "normal" bp is 150/100 but sometimes bottoms out during the arrhthmia at 80/40 with a pulse of 160. He wont tell his doctor about the arrhythmias or let my mom call 911 or go to hospital--he is afraid of being put in a home.

Any idea how much longer he has?


He will end up six feet under if he doesnt get his butt to a hospital. He will prevent going to a home if he gets to a Doctor or hospital right away. Right now he is a heart attack or stroke waiting to happen. If you tell him that if he doesnt go he will probably end up in an intensive care unit. Science now days has ways of fixing things for you. If he doesnt take his insulin and be on a regular eating schedule for his diabetes, the insulin isnt going to regulate his blood sugar. There are heart medications to help his arrythmia. There are also medications to help his obvious depression. As long as your mother is willing to help take care of him, he will not have to go to a home. There are also home health aides, but you do have to check them out. Is there anyway your mom could get a visiting nurse to come to her home? As far as him not telling his doctor about the arrythmias, his doctor should be able to tell just by taking his blood pressure and listening to his heart,,,,good grief. You can also try making it seem like getting him to a Doctor is his idea. Or that they need to to some bloodwork. I would call the Doctor and speak to the Nurse, maybe she would have some suggestions for you. Hope this helps.