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How does diabetes affect life-expectancy? I know from various discussions that diabetic patients have an increased risk of getting stroke, heart attack, infections, but really, how much does it affect us? I was wondering if you guys know any diabetics that have lived very very long, compared to the non-diabetic folks? What bout diabetics on insulin? Any centarians among them?


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This ia a rather challenging question with no direct and exact answer. If we re talking about type II diabetes (the most common form), yes, on average diabetic patients have a shortened life-expectancy, most due to increased risk of sustaining a myocardial infarction (''heart attack''), stroke, kidney disease, infections, etc. On the other hand, all complications in diabetes are caused by elevated blood sugar - if you can manage your diet and treatment and keep your sugars under control, you can do great and prevent many of these complications. Having said that, please, do not deny diabetes, i.e. simply pretending there is nothing wrong with the organism, is simply wrong. It is what you do with your disease that matters. I do not know the eact data, but there are diabetic patients on insulin that reach 90 years of age. Best, Tom.