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Liver function tests showed me there was a significant increasing of the enzymes called Alanine aminotransferase and Gamma-glutamyl transferase. I had never any troubles with the alcohol. Should I be concerned about this? I am female, 35 yrs.


These liver disorders are not specifically connected with alcohol abuse. Maybe your liver has nothing to do with it. The elevated GGT may indicate to the symptoms of the mononucleosis, while increased ALT may have its cause in using the oral contraceptives. You should compare these disturbed levels with the number of other liver enzymes, such as ALP (alkaline phosphatase) and AST (aspartate aminotransferase). That would be the only way to locate the origin of the disorder.


a recent liver function test shows elevated levels of these enzymes.
GGTP: 77
ALT: 101
AST: 44

conidering the recommended range for these enzymes are 0-61, 0-40 and 0-35 respectively I am higher on all three! significantly higher on ALT.

i have had my galbladder removed and have had pancreatitis as a result of galstones

i also had an accident a few years back that caused some damage to my liver

should i be concerned about these levels?