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My GGT level was very high and my gallbladder was removed. The GGT level continues to go up, presently it is 139. I have never drank anything stronger than tea and take no medicine, not even pain meds. Present ultrasound showed liver as homogeneous in echotexture without focal lesion and the pancreas not visualized due to overlying bowel gas. I am 60 and feel healthy. What could make my GGT level continue to rise?


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Abbreviation for gamma-glutamyl transferase is simply said in English a liver enzyme. These test are done to determine if your liver is damaged. People that drink too much alcohol have elevated gamma-glutamyl transferase, or GGT. When you liver is damaged, enzymes from the liver leak into the bloodstream which then can be detected by a simple blood test. Is there a chance that you have hepatitis? I know that hepatitis can cause problems to the liver that then elevate your GGT. Also liver tumors are very problematic and can make the same problems with high GGT. Cancer is worst of all conditions and can also make influence on GGT level. I hope this helped a bit


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