I’m 41 and recently diagnosis with ADHD this past summer. Well I tried Strattera for a two months, didn’t work, then I switched to Vyvanse 60 and have been on it or the past 4 months. Well besides the negative s.e. like unable to get an erection and release a load after 2+ hours of masturbation, dry mouth, and 25+ lbs of weight gain due to a lack of motivation and just plain wore out at night and then binge eating at night. I am able to concentrate on work and focus on work and it made me love what I do that much more. BUT … Procrastination still rules my life, especially with home life, work on the house, and just around everything. I wait to the last minute on everything, I hate it!

So I wanted to find out if I switch to Adderall say like 20mg twice a day or 10mg three times a day what positive side effects I could expect?
I’m hoping that Adderall will give me more energy to work out at night and also enable me to reach orgasm easier.

Your thoughts?