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My doctor prescribed me some adderal XR after i told her that i didn't like the vyvanse (50mg) she gave me before. She gave me a prescription for 30 10mgs and 30 5 mgs addy XR's. The first day i took them was probably about 15mg so a really small amount, and I f*****g loved it. It made me feel like actually doing sh*t for once and i didn't notice any side effects. Well, the next couple of days i took it, it started to work like sh*t. Pretty much all it makes me do now is sit in the house ALL day on the computer while accomplishing nothing, it makes me sweat like a fatass even though im 145 lbs, it makes me VERY VERY angry like super rage especially when it wears off, it makes me short tempered and irritable at every single inconvenience too. Pretty much this pill f*****g sucks penis now and i feel like an anti social, lazy, unmotivated tweaker while on it.

I took ritalin when i was a kid (hated it, turned me into a f*****g vegetable), I tried strattera for a short while (hated that too, made me feel REALLY weird and dizzy), then vyvanse (probably liked this the most even though it still sort of sucked), and adderall XR right now (sucks penis)

As you can probably tell I took 20mg of adderal today and I'm pissed the f**k off right now and could neck chop a handicaped kid I'm that f*****g angry. Seriously, i want to do good in school REALLY badly but Im hopeless without some sort of aid to motivate me, thats my problem really, motivation its what i lack.


oh yea, OP right here.. Forgot to ask this..

What med's do you recommend i take to help my ADHD???