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Hi. I'm 25 year old female.
I have some questions for you and I know that it could sound a bit funny but I'm very determined to find out more about this.
Many years ago I first time heard something about woman erogenous zones. It looks to me that everybody knows a bit about this but nobody knows what this is for real.
Just the other day I was watching a TV show and one of the characters claimed that he is able to make woman very excited by touching or rubbing some part of the back of leg toe.
I can't believe this could be the trout.
So, I was wondering could anybody explain me what are those erogenous spots and do they exist at all?


Yes, I'm aware that there are plenty myths about this erogenous spots on human’s body but I did some research on my own and I found out some thing I would like to share with you.
Erogenous zones are parts of the body that, when stimulated, elicit sexual arousal.
I don’t even need to say that the genitals are the most obvious erogenous zones, but many parts of the body not involved in reproduction are sensitive to sexual touch.
The largest sensory organ for both men and women is the skin itself, especially the inner thigh area, the neck, the breasts and nipples, and the perineum.
You probably heard also about mysterious G-spot.
The G-Spot is an area sensitive to stimulation inside the vagina and is the focal point of female sexual arousal, adding pleasure and new sensations.
But, I must add that, erogenous zones are a highly individual matter and it takes time to understand your partner’s erogenous zones but when you find them-don’t hesitate to experiment with them.