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Human sexuality is pretty fascinating; here at SteadyHealth, we've had women ask if it's normal to dislike having their nipples touched, and men ask whether it's normal to enjoy nipple stimulation. Nipples, it seems, are closely associated with breasts — and therefore women — in the minds of many people. Women are expected to enjoy nipple stimulation, and men expected not to. 

That's a shame, because the fact of the matter is that nipples have plenty of nerve endings, and that they constitute an erogenous zone for many men and women alike. Research has found that nipple stimulation can both induce and increase sexual arousal in people of both genders. 

What Percentage Of Men Enjoys Nipple Stimulation?

One study found that:

  • 51.7 percent of men actively find nipple stimulation arousing
  • 39 percent of men say that nipple stimulation increases pre-existing sexual arousal
  • 17.1 percent of men ask their partner to stimulate their nipples during sex
  • 7.5 percent find nipple stimulation to be a turn-off

This means that the majority of men — a tiny majority, but a majority nonetheless — know that they enjoy having their nipples touched. This compares to over 80 percent of women who enjoy nipple stimulation.

Since a much lower percentage of men reported that nipple stimulation decreases their sexual arousal, it might not be inaccurate to say that some men might enjoy having their nipples touched, but simply haven't experienced it, perhaps for social and cultural reasons rather than for physiological reasons.

Nipple Stimulation For Men: How To Get The Most Out Of This Erogenous Zone

Men who know they enjoy nipple stimulation report touching their own nipples during masturbation as well as asking partners to stimulate their nipples during mutual sexual activity. Nipple play may be a part of your foreplay, or you may enjoy having your nipples touched during sexual intercourse as well. 

You may try:

  • Gently stroking your nipples or having your partner do so
  • Pinching your nipples or having your partner do so (the amount of pressure you enjoy will vary on an individual basis of course)
  • Stimulating your nipples with something cold, like ice cubes
  • Asking your partner to lick your nipples or suck on them
  • Using nipple clamps, sex toys especially designed for the purpose
  • Some guys also find that nipple piercings enhance their sexual enjoyment

If you're new to nipple stimulation, you will want to experiment to discover whether you prefer having your nipples touched as you're getting aroused or whether you prefer nipple stimulation only once you are already in the mood.

Some guys discover that their nipples are so sensitive that they can achieve orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. Don't worry if you'd like that to happen for you but it doesn't, though — you can still enjoy having your nipples touched if it doesn't get you to climax. 

The Bottom Line

The nipples are a highly sensitive human erogenous zone, and perhaps a hugely untapped source of potential pleasure among men. If you've already discovered that you like nipple stimulation as a guy, that's perfectly normal. If you haven't tried it, it might be another thing to add to your bucket list. 

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