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Does physically applying pressure to the breasts make them bigger? Here at SteadyHealth, we like to do two things — get straight to the point, and provide scientifically accurate information. Both become hard when the question our readers ask has no foundation in medical literature. Both require me to answer a resounding "no" to the question asked: physically applying pressure to female breasts does not lead to an increase in their size as such.

As always, of course, things are slightly more complicated. 

How Does Sexual Arousal Affect Women?

What our readers describe as "pressing breasts during intercourse" refers to foreplay or sexual play during sex. In other words, it refers to people engaging in sexual relations enjoying something beyond simple, straight-out, vaginal sexual intercourse. While vaginal sexual intercourse can certainly be pleasurable for women, other activities, including manual stimulation of the clitoris, cunnilingus, breast play, and so-called "dirty talk" can all serve to increase the sexual arousal a woman feels. 

Research in this field has led to the identification of four stages of female sexual arousal:

  • Arousal
  • Plateau
  • Orgasm
  • Resolution

During the first stage, when a woman becomes aroused, the blood vessels in her vagina and labia become dilated, followed by the dilation of blood vessels elsewhere in the body. This, in turn, facilitates natural vaginal lubrication, vaginal and labial enlargement, more rapid breathing, and a rise in blood pressure. 

The second stage of female sexual arousal — pay attention, this is relevant to your question — induces increased blood flow to the breasts. The areloae, the darker area of skin around the nipples, increases in size and the breasts themselves can temporarily increase in size by up to 25 percent! 


Breast play, including nipple stimulation and "pressing on the breasts during intercourse", can certainly facilitate this. 


When a woman draws closer to the third stage of sexual arousal, orgasm, the clitoris draws closer to the pubic bone and more stimulation is required to help her achieve climax. She'll then (hopefully) experience orgasm, after which her body will gradually return to normal during the final or resolution stage of female sexual arousal. 

So, Applying Pressure To The Breasts Does Increase Their Size?

The physical act of applying the pressure doesn't increase their size, no. There's still no scientific data to suggest that. However, if you and your sexual partner enjoy nipple stimulation and breast play, all while connecting physically and emotionally, you, as the female partner, may become rather aroused and experience the temporarily increased breast size associated with arousal

This size increase may also be apparent to the male partner. 

This increase is not caused by pressing on the breasts — which, if you are a male or any other person who engages in sexual relations with women I simply have to note many women will decidedly not enjoy — but by the sexual arousal that naturally follows if a woman does enjoy the breast stimulation. 

This temporary state or arousal will naturally go away after a woman's body returns to normal, until the next time she is aroused. 

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