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Ok, so I don't usually get pms; I.e. bitchiness, irritable; symptoms. I'm bipolar so when I do it's a real nightmare. Anyway today I feel like I'm losing control. My period is due in 3 days so I know I'm pmsing. Anyone with experience personal or second hand have any helpful tips? I am obviously trying to remain calm but I feel it inside me rising.


I TOTALLY understand how you feel!  I have been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome (high-functioning end of Autism Spectrum), and I get SO irritable for about 1-2 weeks before my period that I feel like I can barely control what comes out of my mouth!  I have even said REALLY nasty things because of PMS!  Sometimes my PMS gets SO intense that I think of hurting others over even the slightest things!  I have even had suicidal thoughts because I was PMSing and someone reminded me of what I was supposed to be doing or reprimanded me for not doing what I was asked!  If I were you, I might try taking over-the-counter calcium supplements and vitamin super B complex tablets (also over-the-counter).  last month, I tried taking both, and I hardly noticed any PMS symptoms at all!