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Researchers found that carbon monoxide is able to cause direct damage to heart muscle. Lack of oxygen reduces heart’s pumping capacity and it ends with permanent cardiac function damage. Experts found that CO may be the cause for all of this and can lead to serious and irreversible heart damage.

Results of this new study suggest that heart damage that’s been caused by carbon monoxide can have long lasting effects even after its eliminated from the blood and that makes the diagnosis of carbon monoxide poisoning even more harder.

This new study was previously conducted on animals where scientists examined direct effects of CO on cardiac function. Animal model wad divided into three groups, first group was controlled group, second was nitrogen group designed to induce oxygen deprivation and third group was combination of CO and oxygen.

Results of the study found that the pressure generated from left ventricular decreased in nitrogen and in CO group and the group that was exposed to CO didn’t recover cardiac function.


One more reason to quit smoking. Tobacco smoke contains carbon monoxide in addition to other poisonous or carcinogenic chemicals.