I have been having a problem with extra beats for some time. The specialist did a holster and echo gram and a treadmill test. The holster picked up extra beats. This all started with me getting these symptoms along with breathlessness and many trips to the A&E where they once did a ecg it was borderline so they kept me in over night and gave me a blood thinning injection. These symptoms have got worse and am due to see the specialist again in April. I feel drained it leaves me with flu like symptoms and find it hard to use my hands or legs as they feel so weak. When the breathlessness starts an I am walking its like I am walking on my knees its horrid and I go dizzy like I am going to pass out and I have to stop and hold on to something till it passes. I have never passed out but in the time it is at its worse it feels as though I am dying. Like my heart has stopped. It wakes me at night and leaves me so drained and ill. I feel shaky when it happens and go very pale. It takes hours or even till the next day before feeling a little better, till it starts all over again. Its got to the point where I don't want to sleep as so scared of the racing heartbeat waking me up.