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Hi all, I've posted on here before but I've been really paying attention to what's going on with myself lately. So for the past few months I've been having what I think is skipped heart beats. I've felt my pulse while it is happening even and it just feels like an extra long pause in between beats and when the beat starts up again it feels extra hard. So I'm taking it as a skipped beat. Now here is my question. Do you think they are something to worry about, or do you think it is just anxiety?
I can almost always count on having them when I'm at my jobs which involve in running around constantly. At my first job where my skipped heart beats are always going on for hours I am a server at a pretty busy restaurant. My second job is a gymnastics coach and it doesn't happen as much as at my other job, but it still happens a few times during practice. Most other times when my heart feels like it's skipping it's just one or two random ones here and there. On my days off and weekends I have very few skipped beats. That's why I am wondering if it's just anxiety or what? It's just very scary and I try and tell myself it will be okay but it's so hard to! I don't know how to make them stop or even ignore them because I always feel them in my chest and stomach. It feels like a hard beat and it radiates into my stomach. Ugh please someone tell me I'm not crazy!


Hi Honey! 1st of all Arythmia is VERY common! Also depending on several other factors you are more prone to it!

1. Your sex - Females are more prone!
2. Your age - Females entering menopause or premenopause - 35+ are VERY prone to it!
3. Pregnancy
4. Stimulants - caffeine, tobacco, certain medications,
5. lack of rest - when you are at a heightened state of anxiety or Running around like a chicken without a head on, and you aren't sleeping enough, your body WILL let you know that it's not happy with your routine!
6. Obesity! Of course Cholesterol and pressure on the heart can also cause arythmia!
7. REaction to stress or Post traumatic stress - you might not be stressed right now, but IF you haven't dealt with something upsetting, it WILL come back as in anxiety!

1st I would like you to get checked out by a doctor and hopefully he/she will order an ECG of your heart - just to make sure there's nothing going on!

If you get the all clear, then what REALLY works for me and others is dramatically increasing your Vitamin D, your Calcium WITH Magnesium, Zinc and Potassium in it!, ALSO Co Enzyme Q10 and ANY of the good oils - such as Cold water fish oils, Omega 3,6,9,, Flax Seed or Oil, Evening of Primrose oil - IF you are a woman! And Melatonin for rest! These do WONDERS to calm you down and relax you enough to get a good night sleep and lower colhesterol etc.! Also Stress Vitamins - ALL the B's! Work wonders for this too - the only downer with B's is that many people suffer with headaches and hotflashes!

Pleaes let me know how you make out at the doctors OK? And good luck and health, and hopefully this has put your mind at ease a bit!


Thanks for answering.

I am off of my serving job today and have yet to have a skipped heart beat. They are usually going crazy by now when I'm at work. But I also haven't done any running around or anything today.
Some more information on me, I'm 23 and in decent shape. I am "technically" overweight but I don't look it at all, I'm an athletic build. I complained of skipped heart beats a couple of years back to my doctor and they did a holter monitor for 48 hours and found nothing. I don't really remember if they felt the same as they do now but they said that I wasn't even having skipped beats then. I then went on lexapro and stopped complaining of skipped beats. I went off of the lexapro earlier this year in. The skipped beats have been going on since probably July. I just don't know what to do and I don't understand why they seem to only happen when I'm running around busy.


I just thought of something, we have 2 aeortas 1 in our heart and 1 in our stomach! And believe it or not our stomach aeorta can have arythmia! And it TOTALLY feels like your heart! And I think that is why the halter didn't pick up the skip! I do think you need to rule out anything going on! And bring up about your stomach too! We just have to rule out any problem! I had the EXACT same thing and I have to say that since I took the Oils and D and Calcium, then I noticed a MASSIVE difference! We can't help stress in our lives, what we can help is DEALING with that stress! Due to your age, then you need to learn how to relax Now! So ask for an appointment OK? And please let me know how you make out!