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Hey guys. Happy Valentine's Day!:$
I have a problem. So like todays the day of love making. Me and my boyfriend ran out of condoms, that is why we went to the local pharmacy to pick up some condoms.

He went out and got a pack of 3 Extra Ridged Condoms (maybe this might be the reason why I felt more friction between his penis and inside of me). But that's not the problem.

We had some rough hardcore sex for like 15 minutes. We switched positions like 3 times and then when he came, he pulled out very quickly. And he told me the condom might have broke cause the condom didn't look as full with cum as it usually does.

He ran into the bathroom and put water in the condom to test if it was broken. my boyfriend came back holding the condom up 3/4 full of water. My boyfriend told me that people don't always cum that much, but I really want to make sure I'm okay.

Now here are my questions:
-If the condom didn't leak, does it mean that we're safe?
-How often do condoms break?
-In what ways do the condom break? (tear, rip, holes, pop..etc)

Please reply asap! Thanks!


If the only thing that worries you here is that there wasn't as much cum in the condom I wouldn't be worried at all. The amount varies intensely from time to time. Usually depending on when the last time he came was.

Condoms often break because of rough sex with not enough lubrication. Too much friction leads to the condom tearing. Condoms can also be no good before you even put them on- which is why you should check the expiration date on the condom before opening it. There are of course other ways for the condom to become ineffective but these are the first two that came to mind.

I wouldn't be too worried. Every time you have sex you are risking pregnancy, but I see no reason why this time should be any more risky than the rest. If you miss your period I would take a pregnancy test, but besides that relax ;-)


Thanks for the encouragement! :-) I feel so much better now. But do you think the water test would prove whether or not the condom broke?

He filled it 3/4 full and I believe no water was dripping out. If the condom did break, it wouldn't be dripping droplets, but quickly drain out, right?

Thank you so much for the reply!