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I have been researching online, and have called my pharmacy but still don't feel at peace, so perhaps someone here can assist.

Last week I went into urgent care for intense pain in my back and kidneys. Turns out I had a sever back spasm and sprained pelvic area. The doctor told me to take 800 mg IB Profin 3x a day, and at night time take 10 mg Flexeril (muscle relaxer). After 7 days neither really helped out, but the pain got better with stretching and resting. So 2 days ago I continue with her medication advice and around 12 am in the wee morning I take Flexeril and DLPA (nutritional supplement that helps with pain) Once again I didn't find any relief so I took a small amount of Marijuana (I'm a legal holder via doctor prescription) and the pain finally went away.

Here's my problem...After 15 minutes things changed for the worst. My heart started pounding nearly out of my chest, and my mouth, eyes, nose, ears, even anus started feeling very hot. Something did not feel right, and it got to the point that I literally felt I was about to die. I got dressed and nearly called 911 because I felt like I was about to pass out and drop dead. Thankfully, I was able to take a breath of fresh air from outside and sat on my couch and took big deep breaths. This helped but 10 minutes later I began to have sever rapid heart rate attacks, and this time I was having a mild to moderate amount of tremors/shaking of my lower body and arms. I would get this warm burning sensation that was very uncomfortable every 2 minutes. I wasn't sure if this might have been a chemical reaction or anxiety? 3 hours pass and it went away.

Ok, so here' is my real problem, as I failed to state in paragraph 2. It's been two days now, and since then I have had a strange headache and a constant non stop heart beat (resting) between 86-96, but more throughout the day its in the late 80's. I know the normal resting heart rate can range from 60-100 but for me, it's not normal and I have been so uncomfortable that I have just stayed in bed, lost my appetite, and have avoided any type of movement because every time I move, it gets higher. I have searched all over the net, and can't find much. I have called my pharmacy and at first they said, "This isn't normal, you def. had a bad reaction" and then they crossed checked what I had taken, and told me they found no possible reasons for there to be reactions. Aside from that I've been having weird diarrhea off an on.

Is anyone here certified to answer this question? Please, I don't want any stupid answers. I work in holistic health, and know the body pretty well, however, I would like some professional advice. I have considered going to the ER but am thinking of just holding off until Monday to check into Urgent Care. Like I said, now, I feel okay with the exception of this mild strange headache that won't go away and this rapid heart rate. I am 23 and Female.



I have actually had very similar conditions - I had what I think was severe caffeine withdrawal four days ago and was getting a lot of flu-like conditions - muscle aches, headaches, fever - I took Bayer Aspirin for two days and now most of the symptoms have gone away but all I have left is a rest heart rate from 80-100 and a minor headache. Did you ever find out what your problem was? Can you post your results?