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I used a HRM today.

I ran 6 miles at a 7:30 pace. The run felt very easy.

My craptastic old lady HRM said that my average rate was 146, which is around 79% of some other rate.

For those with experience in the world of HRMs, WTF just happened? Is that good, normal? Am I a Big Mac away from death?

And exactly what was the point of using the HRM in the first place?

What can I learn from these numbers?

I'm serious.


The first thing that that a Max Heart Rate is not set in stone. your Max heart rate might be higher than the 220-age.

personally i use mine more as a guide not a rule. heart rate to pace can change from day to day just due to minor variations, as in sleep, hydration, recovery, diet.

146 to me is a VERY comfy pulse after i have been active for 10-15 minutes. and remember last week i had a HR at one point of 202 and look, i am not dead at all. i'd say your body had adapted nicely to the torture you throw at it.

OOH, one other thought. did your run not have as many traffic stops? if you have a good cardio recovery rate your HR would be lower the more frequent you stopped. if you had fewer stops your heartrate never had a chance to drop, PLUS i feel that starting and stopping all the time has more a debilitating feel to me than a constant pace.

well there is my opinion


I didn't stop at all.

And I have no idea if my rate is good or bad. I mean, is 79% of your max a good thing?

Where is Jack Daniels when I need him?

Other HRM users, please chime in. I'm trying to determine if the HRM gets to go for a second run.

Fubby note, when my boss speaks to me, my HR skyrockets almost immediately. :fubby:


I guess the questoin really is is if 147 really is 79% of your max? 147 might be only 72% ( for a random number picked) how did you figure out your max HR?


Not trying to be my usual smart a__ self here... but I need more info.

How did you get your Max? Did you let the watch set it?

Are you letting the watch calculate your % from your Max, or is it heart rate reserve?

I run my tempo runs at 80%, which is 174 for me. I have a high max. You can go out and do an interval workout, or a hill workout and look for the highest #, you'll be darn close. I also had a treadmill test done.

What are you hoping to do with your HR training? I used a great book by John Parker, Heart Monitor Training for the Compleat id**t, and have been having some good results.



By your numbers, Your max HR is 185. 146 is not a bad HR. What is weird to me is that you said it was pretty easy.

I have a spreadsheet that I created that will calculate the heart rates percentages based on the actual and Karvonen Formula'a. I uploaded it to my web page if you want to download it.

Heart Rate Spreadsheet


You really can't learn much from these numbers. Figuring that "very easy" is more likely in the 70% range of your max, that would mean your max HR is around 208. This isn't good or bad. Taken by itself it is essentially meaningless.

As mentioned, the first thing to do is determine what your true max HR is. From there you can determine reasonable training paces. You can also make some determination of your fitness by dividing your maximum by resting heart rate (the bigger the result, the better) as well as tracking HR over time for various runs.

This is a pretty big topic. If you want to do anything serious with your HR monitor, it is best to get a book to determine how to use this information.


I know. I was going for some quick Cliff's Notes information. Some people swear by HRM training, so I was hoping to gather as much data from real runners as I could.
I'm trying to make a decision as to whether or not it is worth the time to incorporate it into my training program.
Thanks to everyone for your input. Feel free to add more or PM me if you have any HRM training stuff you would like to share. Tell me why it is the greatest thing ever, or tell me why you think it sucks more than Gallowalking. All opinions and experiences are welcome.
The only reason I even did it this one time is that I finally beat my lifetime racing goal and I got a free HRM for Christmas. So, I kind of have some time to take a look at new things before I get fixated on chasing down my next goal.