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I decided in January I wanted to get in better shape and vowed to do a Triathlon, so I began training the 3 different disciplines and by today I had entered and completed two 5K's and a sprint tri. I trained almost exclusively by perceived exhaustion and thought I was doing Ok even though I was never able to run further than 3.5-4.0 miles.

Hoping to do better this year after learning how important heart rate training was, I recently had a Max VO2 test done in a lab and found my lactate threshold to be very low (HR 143) while my Max HR was 196.

I found all of my training was indeed too hard and I had ripped down precious lean body mass and raised bodyfat levels when comparing to my last evaluation.

To make a long story longer, I have found it impossible to run at a heart rate even close to 142. I start my runs with a mile walk to stabilize my hr at about 117-121 but as soon as I start jogging painfully slow my heart rate jumps to 152, 158, 162 and levels at 164 until about 3 1/2 miles to where it climbs to 172 and I am done running.

I am 39, 5 10, 188lbs and do want/need to drop down to 170

I guess my question is am I too ambitious for the shape I am currently in?
And is there any way to raise lactate threshold limits faster than at glacial speeds? Or s hould I just resort to biking where I can control my HR until I get in better shape?

I wish I could say Toss the HRM away and carry on but I have already seen how detrimental that course of action has been for me.


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I don't think your being too ambitous, but I would suggest getting a book. A one would be Parker's HRM for the Compleat id**t. I'm sure maybe kattzoo or someone else knows of some others.

From my personal experience:
I strapped on my hrm for the first time and realized that I, too, have been going pretty hard on ALL my runs. Instead of doing any sort of speedwork/threshold training, I'm building my base properly for a few months first.



Any idea what your resting heart rate is?


Resting heart rate upon waking is 58-62 bpm


If you don't mind me asking - how much did the Max VO2 test cost? Did you do it at a hospital?

Any other Canadians (more specifically Ontarians) out there who know if our provincial health plan covers this test? I should check with my doctor - I'm not sure if I always trust those age/statistic based calculators used to figure out your LT.

(Although I would be really annoyed to find out that mine is actually lower than what I've already calculated!)


Based on a resting Heart Rate of, 58; MHR of 196; and your age, 39 here are some Heart Rate Percentages
95%: 189
90%: 182
85%: 175
80%: 168
75%: 162
70%: 155
65%: 148
60%: 141
55%: 134
50%: 127
45%: 120
40%: 113
35%: 106
30%: 99
25%: 93