Hi, I found this thread on the board, but wanted to follow up with my experience - https://www.steadyhealth.com/topics/fast-heart-rate-after-alcohol

I'm a 37 year old male.  Generally good health.  A few month back I wasn't feeling well and had a slightly elevated heart rate around 100bpm for a few days, it was probably stress related as I had a death in the family.  I went to a cardiologist, did an EKG and stress test everything was good.  I had gotten into the habit of using my phone to check my pulse.

I noticed, pretty much like clockwork, that within minutes of having alcohol my pulse goes from around 80bpm (near my resting HR) to almost 100, and then if I have a few more it may hit 120 (haven't seen it higher).  It slowly drops back to normal after a few hours.  I don't really feel that different but now I've become almost paranoid about drinking because of it.  One of the things that has confused me is how fast the change occurs, making me wonder if anxiety is partly responsible.

I don't drink a ton, especially recently, no more than 1 - 2 times per week just a few drinks.  That said I'm in social situations with drinking frequently and am driving myself nuts trying to determine if what I'm seeing with my pulse is really a cause for concern.  I just had an EKG and stress test so I feel like if I go to my DR and say when I drink my pulse goes up his response will be "don't drink".  However, given my social group and even my job that is a bit of a drastic change in my lifestyle.  

Based on the link above it seems others have been through similar things, curious on your thoughts.