It's 4:30 a.m.and i've just been woken up yet again by the pain underneath my chest. I have to pass my bowels but am afraid of getting up out of bed because my heart will begin to beat too fast. This has always led to panic in the past and has ended up with me in the emergency room. My life has been a total pile of sh*t since december 2011. I lost my job, broke ties with my family and totally quit smoking. Therefore, I understand that my body has undergone some major changes both physically and mentally. However, waking up before dawn due to pain and difficulty breathing, (which by the way, is somewhat relieved by burping copius amounts of both gas and sick) is only one of my symptoms. In the last year I have visited the A&E room at least a dozen times with the same complaints: Dizziness, Tacchycardia, cold swaets, vomiting, panic attacks, increased bowel movements, pain in the left side shoulder and back. To go from being a healthy weightlifter to becoming an invalid who is scared to even fart too hard is a devastating blow to the psyche, and one which has hindered me from leading a normal life, so much so in fact that I am contemplating quitting my new job as a teacher and signing off sick full-time. I'm only 31 and feel that this is something that should not be happening to someone of my age. Living under the constant daily fear that you're going to die is something that takes a bit out of you each day, and slowly withers you away. I'm attending CBT sessions at the moment, to see if dealing with stress will help deal with my ailment, but I think it has physically too far gone. My wife is pretty adamant that I have a stress induced stomach ulcer, mainly due to the vomiting and digestion issues, but that doesn't explain the shortness of breath and rapid heartbeats...(or does it). Sometimes I feel like life is no longer worth living if I am to carry on like this. Sometimes I have good days which feels like a fluke. All I know is I share all of your sorrows and concerns, and the fact that we are all still suffering but are looking for answers means that perhaps there is chance of us helping each other. I would like to suggest that we create an online community which supports people with our condition, so that it may lead to increased recognition both within the medical field and as general knowledge. I believe that this should be an entirely free service which is devoid of any financial investment, and is purely run based upon the devotion and cooperation of people like us who are seeking the answers behind an illness which is both dibilitating and terrifying. I urge you all to help each other in taking this forward,  and maybe, just maybe, we can open doors for others who have been suffering. I hope this message reaches you in good health. 

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