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hi all, Around 3 years I experienced my first panic attack. At least, that's what I was told it was by a doctor. The thing that happened was, that I turned around at the waist, and back suddenly, and felt like my heart wasn't beating. I ran a few meters and felt my vision start to go. It came back normally within a few seconds. Then my heart beata really fast for a while and i need to calm down. I've had 4 incidents like this. Today was the latest. I bent suddenly at the waist, and it happened. It scares me so bad :-( each time it happens I seem to move suddenly first. any advice? I've had a few tests, and thank God they are normal but I am soooo scared.


I've been having these for 11 years. They just found a tumor on my adrenal gland that is functioning. This means it is producing adrenaline, cortisol and other hormones that cause problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity in trunk of the body. I think that my bending over put pressure on the adrenal gland. I also have panic attacks at random times too. For all these years I have been being treated like a depression patient, now the doctors are jumping through hoops to get this fully diagnosed. All doctors wanted me to go through psychotherapy to figure out why I am having panic attacks. Years of therapy revealed nothing