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I am not overweight...5'11", 205 lbs. I have a bulge from just below my breastbone which tapers down to just above my navel. The stomach muscles are hard but the bulge area is spongy. I am in good shape, muscle-wise. I work out nearly three hours 4-6 days a week. I work a different muscle group each day and do 4-5 different exercises for each muscle group. I do four sets of each exercise and I do some form of abdominal exercise between every set and between each exercise. My routine has been setup by professional trainers and I have been doing some form of this exercise for the past twenty years. from the front I look good. Good chest/pects, good arms and shoulders fair to good waist and hips but from the side I look like someone who has never seen a gym. I'm very discouraged.


Hello lightls,

Your weight sounds pretty good depending on how much muscle you have and you have a body fat problem around the stomach area.  A lot of people have a genetic predisposition for this and once that fat develops there it very difficult to get rid of.  Evidently you have a lot fat receptors there.  During your exercise regime you should be burning fat when you glucose store are low and your in anerobic respiration.  You might try taking protein supplements like a whey shake that contains BCAAs, glutamine and glycine and MCT oil.  This drives your metabolism to make protein and release fat stores so the fat can be used to make ATP.  So you need some sugar in your system to carry you but not too much.  As your glucose stores are going this will initate body fat burn and protein synthesis.  Have a shake before you exercise and immediately after.  See if this helps.