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I was just wondering how long can you go withou eating if you weigh 280? I myself think I should last a few days because of my body fat. I really wanna know because I plan to conduct an experment on myself for a week or two.

hope you can help. :)


Hi Pumpkin,

Before you try anything like this see your doctor.  You may have an underlying health condition that could be aggravated by extreme dieting/fasting.

In general, you should be able to go many days without food but you MUST stay hydrated.  The problem is that by starving yourself your body will cut down its metabolism to make its fuel stores last.

The brain is the biggest consumer of energy.

Normally until about 6 hours after eating your body is using glucose, from the food.  After that it goes into what is called "ketosis."  During this time it burns fat - BUT - the brain keeps getting fuel from glucose and only a little from the fat.  After about 3 days your brain actually cuts back on its fuel consumption. 

Still, it needs food.  It gets that from proteins by using your muscle mass.  Muscle burns energy, fat does not.  So ironically, you now need even less energy to survive and your body/fat ratio can increase.

It gets a lot more complicated.  This is just "in a nutshell."

Do you see now why you need to see your doctor?

Good luck.



how much u weigh doesn't matter...ur body doesn't just need fat to survive..that's in extreme conditions. if you don't eat your blood sugar will drop and so will other important components like salt, protein and carbs, affecting your energy guess is...u'll probably not be able to extend the 'experiment' beyond 2-3 days at most :)