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Hiya, I seem to have a problem with my exercise. When I take my blood sugar levels after exercise, I find that I'm almost hyperglycemic. I thought that exercise was supposed to keep your blood sugar levels more stable. Am I doing something wrong or is this normal. Is there anyone out there that has a similar problem? I mean my sugar levels are not the high but just a little higher than they should be and I'm concerned about that. Maybe I'm just a worry wart. That's what my mom tells me anyway. If anyone else has this problem, I would like to hear about it and what you did if anything at all. Thanks in advance.


Hi, it seems like my blood sugars are a little high after I exercise but I haven't done anything about it. My sugar levels are not that high perhaps just borderline. I talked to my doctor some time ago about this and he said I was okay but to keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't go higher. When you exercise you muscle and liver release glycogen stores (sugar stores) into your blood stream to supply energy you need to exercise with. Whether you have insulin resistance or produce not enough insulin causes some glucose to remain in the blood. Since you have problems absorbing glucose into your cells. Your levels should go down within an hour or so after exercising. Try eating something after you exercise that contains fats and protein and small amounts of sugar and see if that helps to lower your sugar levels. It may take several weeks to stabilize but I think you might find this helpful. You might consider changing the kind of exercise you do as well. Your doctor may be able to help you with that. I tend to go overboard and do too much exercise. I suppose I'm trying to compensate for the diabetes. I'm doing some aerobic exercises these days and I found that was better for me than anaerobic exercises.