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i recently bought gnc muscle & weight gainer and i want to know when to you use it. before eating my meal or before excercise or after my meal or after excercise


Hello nad,

Actually you can take your muscle and weight gainer after you exercise.  This is when you system is low on energy and nutrients and they need to be replenished.  At that point you need to repair damaged muscle and protein will help you do that.  Your glucose stores need to be replenished as quickly as possible and that will help you recover from your intense work outs faster.  You want to be careful that you don't gain body fat but rather muscle only.  You want to stay a lean as you can.  While you are exercising you should be burning body fat once you run out of glucose stores.  Your GNC product should have instructions on the label.  Honestly, if it doesn't have instructions on how to use the product, I would take it back and try another brand.  I don't think GNC products are very good anyway.