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I've started lifting weight  a month ago and i already feel my muscles getting stronger and everything. 

Do i need to take protein shakes at this stage? Will proteins help me get bigger arms? 

How often should i take them and are there any side effects to protein shakes? 


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if you do take them , it is best to take them right after your workout - they are quickly absorbed by your body and this is the time when your body desperately needs them. And it is best to take whey isolate. That's my advice...

However, they are not an absolute must! They won't make your arms or anything else bigger if you do not exercise  - in terms of lifting (relatively heavy) weights - don't go over the top with weights and start slowly - otherwise you might injure yourself...

So, exercise - lots of lifting. And a good nutrition plan - lots of proteins from food - lean meat (chicken breasts, turkey, beef, fish), egg whites, cottage cheese, soy & tofu if you're vegan (opt for organic if possible), beans, legumes, nuts, seeds (chia seeds are amazingly high in proteins) 

You can make your own protein shake at home - without protein powder - two spoons of cottage cheese, banana or some other fruit, cinnamon, water or milk (cca 1 - 2 dcl depends how consistent you like it), you can even add a raw egg white, and a spoon of chia seeds or some almonds. Put in a blender - voila - homa made pritein shake - true not so high in proteins as whey isolate, but without artificial sweeteners and made of totally natural food.

Enjoy the process of developing big arms ! ;)




For someone who is just starting to work out I'd say that protein shakes aren't necessary at this stage; however, it does depend whether you are getting enough protein through other food. 

Every time you work out you tear your muscle fiber, and when you rest it regrows it back, but little bit bigger each time. The speed and the effectiveness of your muscle regeneration mostly depend on proteins. Proteins help your muscles regrow faster. 

Either way, you can start taking protein shakes , they will help you but don't rely on them to build the muscles for you; that is your duty :). I've used protein shake (Whey protein) and I don't remember having any side effects from it. Protein shakes are best used within 20 minutes after your workout. The same way you drink water after a long run to hydrate, you need to replenish your muscles with proteins after each workouts.  You can either eat some protein rich food or drink protein shakes; however, protein shakes are digested and delivered to your muscles much faster than a regular meal. 

Good luck , and keep it up.