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Guten tag. I've drawn up a new work-out plan that i'm going to follow a few months, aprox 4 months. It's a pretty basic lineup consisting of running, swimming, and gymming. I'll be running on monday, gymming on tuesday, running again on wednesday, swimming on thursdays and fridays, running on saturdays, and optionally gymming again on sundays.
So i've been cutting out certain things in my daily meals. Like no sugar, low fat, full grain bread, more carbs and proteins and so on. Also i'm trying to deff out some fat(not to much mind you).

So i'm asking for general opinions and tips on nutrion. All advice are appreciated.


Hello aggrocult,

If you really want to get the most out of your workouts, you'll need to have some pre-workout and post-workout nutrition.  This is absolutely necessary.  They are many supplements and protein shakes available and you can always make your own for your particular needs.  I use a protein shake that contains whey a number of other amino acids such as BCAAs, MCT oil (coconut medium chain triglycerides) and vitamins and minerals.  The nice thing is that you just mix the powder with water, shake and drink.  Its quick, easy and no messy cleanup.