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I've been fighting my weight for years. I've managed to reduce my weight and my belly fat quite a lot, but I still have big problem with manboobs. They're not huge, but still they affect my confidence, because they're moe visible as I've lost my weight. I've tried some exercises using dumbbells, but I couldn't see any progress. My chests are still saggy. I would appreciate if you could recommend me some workout for firmer chest.



Sounds like you are having hormone problems.  It's not the exercise you're doing but rather your diet.  You need to take a protein shake that enhances testosterone levels.  Okay, but extra testosterone gets converted into estrogen causing feminization of your body.  Try a whey supplement (I think shakes are good) that enhances testosterone production but inhibit estrogen production.  To clean and mean you need to take things like glutamine, glycine, BCAAs plus some fat like MCT oil and some sugar like dextrose.  These ingredients come all combined and quite often have a few botanicals in them like Acai or resveratrol along with vitamins and minersl.  You need to drink 1 shake 30 minutes or less before you exercise and have right after you exercise.  This will alter you metabolism to build lean muscle and burn fat.