Hundreds of cloned pigs, cows and other animals are already living on farms around the USA. Milk from clones may reach shelves soon but clones themselves are not likely to be eaten, as the production is still very expensive. It takes thousands of dollars to produce an animal.

FDA is expected to allow consummation of milk from cloned animals and meat from their offspring. Studies show that meat and milk from clones can't be distinguished from that of normal animals but that there is still more work to be done as researchers say that clones do suffer subtle genetic abnormalities.
In a survey conducted throughout the US, 63% of the population voted no for the whole idea. Many of them will not have products from cloned animals on their dinner tables.

The number of clones on farms is low for the time being but the number is expected to rise as soon as FDA gives the approval. It is said within 18 to 20 months after the approval, there will be hundreds of thousands of clones growing on American farms.