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Hello guys.

In the past a couple of days some ideas are on my mind. We were discussing about giving human foods to cats and dogs.

I am against this, but I was never wondering – what can go wrong?

What really can go wrong if I give my pets human food?

I mean, like all other people I was experimenting with foods for my cats and dogs, but I never notice any side effects.

Are there any side – effects of giving human foods to cats or dogs?

I really want to know what do you think, what are your experiences?



You have to keep on your mind that pets, especially cats are really picky eaters and that sometimes they DO KNOW what food is the best for them.

Sometimes, they will just walk away from meat or tuna for example. And some of those foods can be dangerous.

About the side – effects, of course that they do exist because food that is prepared for you doesn’t have the same nutrition that your cat or dog needs.

Those foods can upset their digestive system and/or their stomach. Sometimes they can cause diarrhea, sometimes food poisoning.

Some of those foods such as garlic and onion can cause gastrointestinal upset.




Hello. It depends. Many cats for example cannot stand to drink milk or eat piece of cheese. Why? Because a lot of cats are lactose – intolerant and in some cases their digestive system cannot process dairy foods. The result of this can be diarrhea. Foods that we prepare for ourselves are not good for cats and dogs. You should keep this on your mind. So side effects maybe are minor to some pet owners – such as diarrhea, vomiting, stomach issues but for your pet they can be really tormenting. You should keep this on your mind when you want to feed your dog or cat with human foods next time.



Hey friends.


I don’t share my opinion with you. I think that there is nothing wrong feeding dog or cat with human foods. When we look back, our grandparents and our parents were feeding their dogs with food that they have been eaten.


I believe that back than there weren't any of the products that we have on our shelves. Of course sometimes I am skeptical when it comes about giving this food to my pets, but I can see that people around me are giving this type of food to their pets regularly.


Maybe this new regime of eating is good, but I think that side – effects can’t be fatal to your pet.


Keep in touch!





There are a few things that can verify the fact why human food is not good for cats and dogs.

Pets' teeth can’t easily chop the food that we eat. Some of foods have harmful substances and they are not good for animal liver.


I was reading some article today and found information that a lot of animals have been poisoned. That poisoning was caused by common human foods.

So when you take a bigger picture you can see that there are a lot of side – effects.


All you need to do is to face with them.

Many foods can be dangerous to animals. It doesn’t matter we enjoy eating them.




I am giving my cat human food for my whole life. So far I never saw that my cat Misty had some problems with it. She is perfectly healthy cat.

My vet told me once that I should stop feeding her with this food because she might have some problems when she gets old. I don’t know, I have tried but she just refuses to eat some other food. She just doesn’t like it.

Maybe she will have some healthy issues when she gets older I don’t know. But I hope that she won’t.

Of course, I am not giving her all foods that I am eating. I avoid eggs, fruits, alcohol, snacks, etc.