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Recent studies have showed that one of the major ingredient of most skin lightening creams, hydroquinone, could be carcinogen.
The biggest problem is that most of the studies have been done on rats and mice and no specific studies exist on humans. This is why, and of course because of the huge money loss that could occur from the ban, many dermatologists have reacted negatively, supposedly because of the consumers’ sake. Just for the record, about 65 companies in the USA sell more than 200 skin-bleaching products containing hydroquinone.
Besides the risk of cancer, creams containing hydroquinone are suspected of causing darkening and thickening of the skin, dome-shaped yellowish bumps and grayish-brown spots as side effects.
Dermatologist are acting on the FDA’s proposal by saying that people in Africa and Asia are using these product to lighten their skin and that the Americans are using them for other reasons, to erase blemishes and age spots and look more youthful.
The study of African cases reports many side effects like alternating patches of dark and extremely pale skin that are often permanent, malfunctioning of the adrenal glands and high levels of mercury in women who had been using hydroquinone containing products.
These are the main reasons the products are already banned in European Union, Japan and Australia.
If the FDA banns the products, the manufacturers will have to make “new drugs” and seek approval to sell them with a prescription.


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