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I havent felt myself since early June. Always nausea, but never vomiting, thank god.

I do have a fear of throwing up, and Havent thrown up since I was about 10 and I'm 17 now. The stomach flu even went through my house back in April, and I have severse nausea but never threw up.


My nausea now doesnt seem to be getting better. I want to see my doctor about it, but am too nervous to tell my parents. Sometimes I think there might be something medically wrong with me, like internally, but I realize that my nausea only occurs at night. I believe this is all caused by Anxiety, since Im always worried about something being wrong and that it might cause me to throw up, then I get very nausous and just pop gravol like candy until I fall alseep. Then I feel fine in the morning.

I havent technically lost weight, but I have lost sleep. Which drains me. Exams are coming up within a few weeks, Im not nervous about them, I just dont want to feel sick the night before and get NO SLEEP.

I want to tell my parents so I can get SOME help and feel like myself again, but I always chicken out. Sometimes I believe its because I dont feel sick normally through the day. Cause usually when I go through a panic attack and start feeling nauseous, Its like 12 am-4am and Everyone is asleep. AND WHEN I GO THROUGH these, ALL I WANT TO DO IS TELL SOMEONE. So by the time its morning and I feel better, I chicken out.


Hello Sam,

Gravol can be addicting when taken in high doses and it can also be toxic in high doses.  Otherwise it is great for treating nausea and vomiting.  It is also used as a sleep aid for some.  It sounds like you may have some anxiety issues.  You should talk to your parents about this.  I think it wise to go the doctor to get checked out.  Let your doctor know that you've been taking Gravol and how often and how much.  This is very important.  The doctor may be able to give you something to calm you down so that you're not so anxious such that you will be able to sleep properly at night.  I think you do need professional help and if you wait to long your anxiety may get worse.   There's no reason to be afraid to talk with your parents.  They're there to help you in any way they can.  So, get up enough courage and have that talk.