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hi, im 16 and for the last year ive been expieriencing anxiety related symptoms
about a year ago i started going to parties etc. with friends
i tried pot like twice, but very little of it and i never got high
finally one night i tried more pot than usual and i expierienced a bad panic attack
it went away in an hour or two and i was normal after that
i swore never to try pot again after such a horrible terrifying expierience
but i felt normal and for two weeks i ahd no problems
but on a friday afternoon i was writing a test in class and for no reason at all i started shaking and realized i was having a panic attack out of the blue
i calmed myself down but after that it was hell
i went home and searched on the internet why im ight be having a panic attack and when i read about anxiety and such it gave me another panic attack and all weekend i had attacks off and on

i went to the doctor and after tests it turned out i have PACs of something which are just random double heartbeats which increase adrenaline momentarily and when im tired or in a weak state have the ability of abrubtly starting a panic attack
i was told just to get over it by controlling thoughts etc.

since then i have been extremely agoraphobic and ive resorted to staying home and playing video games all day and i havent been out with friends ever since
i cant watch scary movies anymore, i used to be an awsome skier but i get so scared now sometimes while i ski
i seem to be a lot more tired lately and lightheaded
and i even get panic attacks sometimes but i think my thoughts bring them on when i scare myself

what the hell has happened to me, it seems like since trying pot, my bodys ability to control anxiey has snapped
i get shaky often, and i am severly depressed sometimes il lbe fine for like weeks but then the next two ill be scared, tired, depressed etc.

anyone know why this is happening, if theres anything that might help me???? FYI - writing this post right now is making me tremble


Only I think my anxiety is causing chest pains. I went to the doctor today. He gave me lexapro. I don't think that the marijuana is what is causing your anxiety, perhaps it is what sparked it. Give it some more thought and see if it is other issues in your life that are really getting to you. Perhaps the weed opened you up somewhat and your subconsious is more vibrant. Or perhaps you are right, marijuana does effect people differently, I also tried to control my attacks, with no avail. I'm going to see if this perscription works, I also did a lot of coke. And I don't think I can quit smoking mj just yet.

Try to get your mind off of it, it only makes it worse. and GO to the doctor, find someone to talk about it to, and to cry to.

peace, take care.


I know how you feel.... talking about or describing panic attacks is very scary and can trigger one. I started crying when I explained the symptoms to my doctor. After the panic attack was over, I felt really embaressed.

I'm sixteen years old as well. I have gone through the same exact thing you have gone through. Except, I smoked pot quite a bit more than you did. I was fine at first, but after a while I had my first panic attack while high. I thought I was having a heart attack and I was going to die!!! It has been a little over a year since I have smoked pot and I still occasionally have panic attacks. Some weeks I have a few in a row. It is not your fault that panic attacks happen. There is nothing you can do to prevent them other than staying home and staying in places you feel comfortable. But you cannot do this for the rest of your life!! I go through agoraphobic phases as well... where I just stay home and surf the net. I am now forcing myself to get out more.

Try this: get really close friend or family member that you feel comfortable telling about your anxiety/panic and you feel safe being around... try spending time with them in your house and around the neighborhood. After a couple weeks of this, try going somewhere else... For dinner in a quiet cafe' or a non crowded movie for example. At first Avoid places that are loud, brightly lit or have too many people. This will be scary and it will give you a panic attack most likely. While you have a panic attack or anxiety attack, tell yourself that it is just your mind... you are perfectly safe... you will not die. You are perfectly fine. While you are having the panic attack say your name and address to yourself in your head... it reassures you that you are capable of thought proccess. Tell yourself that you are perfectly safe, no matter how shaky you feel or how fast your heart is beating! It will soon stop! I know it is scary as hell... you really think you're going to die when you have one... but you're not. After a long time of doing this, gradually expose yourself to places you would LIKE to go with more people or noises, etc. For example, the mall, concerts, scary movies, etc.

I could not watch scary movies for a while either. The first major panic attack I had was while I was stoned watching some blood and guts zombie movie... which is actually pretty ironic, cus when I get panic attacks I feel like a zombie. like Im not alive, nothing is real, im going through the motions and trying not to freak out loud.

Also... Get plenty of sleep! being tired makes you loopy and being loopy triggers panic attacks.

also... always wear a peice of jewelery or a rubberband around your wrist so you can play with it when you get a panic attack. Snapping the rubberband on your wrist kinda brings you into reality a little bit.

I hope this helps!!!

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I experience anxiety attaks only sometimes when I blaze. Most of the time I just feel high, but sometimes I get the famous freak out attack think you're gonna die thing. I can't find any way to calm myself down, I just have to wait for it to pass. I get very shaky with chest pains and very thirsty.
I need a way to calm myself down that I can keep on hand. Anxiety attacks only happen sometimes, so I want to be prepared.
Have there been any reports of anyone actually harming themselves from anxiety attacks or any reports of overdose from pot?


dude i know how you feel i smoked like 3 times during freshman year of highschool and i didnt ever smoke enough to get high

its junior year now and i smoked about 7 bowls between me and 4 other people

i started shaking first but i didnt mind it
then later my chest started hurting
then my heart was beating super fast
then it felt as if my heart was in my ear beating so hard i couldnt hear anything else or focus on anything else, and my it felt as if a f*****g demon was punching my chest over and over
along with this my throat was numb and i didnt even know if i was breathing
i was freaking out horribly, i didnt say sh*t because im used to it because i have panic attacks about maybe once every few months, i just wait it out usually
but this time i really thought i was going to f*****g die, like i accepted death and thought about just calling 911 but i didnt i just walked down stairs and called my friend and just waited it eventually went away and i felt good

that was about 3 weeks ago
this recent weekend i smoked some crazy dro, i had 6 hits because i didnt know how much i was supposed to, later learning that 1 hit would of been good enough for someone new to dro and weed in general
i was freaking out so bad
all those symptoms i had before were there exept i was 20x as high and i was stuck in a car with some kid driving i didnt know and i had to listen to this slow rap song really f*****g loud and we were on the highway
it was literally the worst experience of my f*****g life
we got dropped off and were walked and my vision was just so screwed up
i couldnt grasp that this wasnt a dream because i was so high
i was still freakin out and my friend started to freak out too because he hadnt smoked dro ina long time plus i think me freaking out triggered him too

once again i thought i wasnt getting out of this one, thought death was among me, so many bad physical feelings hurting me, like my chest eyes and heart it was so horrible
we were skating home to my friends house and my friend kept saying he couldnt keep his eyes open and that his heart is about to stop
right after i heard him say that about his eyes my eyes started to hurt and try to close and i was like wtf?
the physical sh*t that happens is crazy because it happens before i even have a panic attack
i have a panic attack because of that sh*t that i feel in my chest and throat
thats what confused me
but i know its because i smoked way to much plus i have panic attacks sometimes so it obviously triggered it and multiplied its magnitude on me

as for you, you just got to live life dude, stop worrying about it go out and do sh*t, just f**k it you cant let that BS control your life and from you having fun

if its really bad and you just cant stop it then get some anti depressant or something
anything that makes you happy man

you just have to teach yourself that NO matter what, NO MATTER how bad that panic/anxiety attack is you ARENT going to die, it will go away

use that as your weapon against it

once it starts just wait it out dont make it worse by actually giving into it thinking you might actually die or something because your not

good luck dude


One night while trying pot for the 1st time, I had my first panic attack. Complete terror. Well anyways, I had anxiety attacks on and off like you said, but eventually they just went away. I didnt use any more drugs and rarely drank, by the way. I think that learning to control your own thoughts is one of the hardest things you can do. Ive learned to shut off my head when I need to. I dont even think about anxiety anymore. Best of Luck!


I had pretty much the same thing.
I used to smoke skunk a little when I was about 15, just stopped because it didn't really do anything for me and my friends grew out of it. I spent a few years doing cocaine every weekend but stopped that when I lost my job.
I'm 20 now. One night I decided to sit in my flat with my flatmates and smoke some draw. I had about the same amount as I would have had when I was 15, probably a bit too much.
I started to panic out of nowhere and put on a front, said I'm tired and went to bed. I spent about 6 hours going in and out of extreme anxiety
, thought I was having a heart attack and didn't want to sleep in case I died. It was the worst few hours of my life.
I woke up the next morning and felt normal yet a bit shaken as to what happened the night before. I set off to college and was in a lecture and has an attack, something that'd only happened the night before in my whole life. As soon as I got back i did some internet research, realised I'd had anxiety attacks.
That awful night triggered or highlighted roughly a year of depression,anxiety attacks and depersonalisation. I spent a lot of time indoors, very depressed convinced that I would never feel normal again after suffring from this.
It's almost a year to the day since this started and I've gradually got back to normal. I'm very happy and generally loving life, something that I didn't do before the attacks etc. I never have out of context anxiety attacks anymore, If I did I would feel fine about them because of the knowledge I have gathered.
I attribute my recovery to keeping active, seeing friends/family and focusing on hobbies, all of which are things I'd deemed futile and pointless during my depression. I can drink alcohol and discuss anxiety disorder without getting panic-struck, unlike previously. I have quit all narcotics otherwise though.
I truely hope this helps you and you will recover fully and happily. The main problem I found was trying to articulate my illness to others who were unsympathetic and found it hard to understand what, if anything, was wrong. Trust me, there are good people out there who understand.

Best Wishes


It comes down to positive thinking, everytime i smoke just as if i took a bunch of acid i always clear my head and visualise healing white light emanating from my being. Paranoia and anxiety is fun, i play it like a game and my brain eventually gives up trying to scare me.If i feel paranoia comin on i get pissed off and tell myself 'bring it on b***h' and just having that type of attitude to my own psyche is empowering enough for me to laugh it off as just a game mary jane plays with you.. THC is a psychedelic substance (very mild compared to some!) but she still has an unique energy that deserves respect and moderating doses..dont get caught up in it. mind over matter


i just turned 17 and this is weird cause i have gone through the exact same thing yall are all talking about and i thought it was just me...i didnt even know it was a panic attack. but my first one i was smoking alone and i inhaled and kept it in for like 15 seconds and i started coughin and i thought i was gonna cough to death but it stopped and i went in and layed down on the couch and my legs and my chest and my arms all started tingling really hard and fast. at first i thought it felt good kinda like i was at the dentist getting anastesia or whatever but then i got scared thinkin it would never stop so i got up and was walkin around for like 30 minutes and it never stopped. so i called a friend and he came over.i took a showed but then i thought i was gonna pass out so i got out and i thought i was gonna die so we went to the hospital and i threw up like 5 times but i fell asleep at the e.r. and i woke up feeling has happened to me three other times and i find it helps that AS SOON AS I START FEELING THE ATTACK I DONT THINK ABOUT IT AND GET UP AND MOVE AROUND AND EAT AND DRINK AND DO EVERYTHING YOU WOULD NORMALLY DO..PLUS ALWAYS SMOKE WITH A FRIEND YOURE REALLY CLOSE TO AND COMFORTABLE AROUND..THANKS FOR READING AND I HOPE THIS HELPED


I'm 17 and here's my storie...
I was smoking weed and I stayed sit on a chair for about 2 hours while smoking and i didnt really moved for that period. suddenly stood up, stretched myself and the only thing i remember is blackness until i found myself on the ground the face covered in blood, when i fell down my face hit a half a inch glass table.... since that time i have anxiety attack but what uve got to know is that anxiety attack will make u want to find a reason why u have it thats why everyone thinks its because of weed and thats why everytime u smoke u think inconsciously that u will have a panic attack and stress starts flowing. and thats why u have anxiety attacks while smoking

*tips to stop anxiety attacks i draw to keep my mind busy it works and it comes out that it gives me incredible imagination...


A frequent negative side-effect of marijuana consumption is acute anxiety and paranoia. The user may interpret hostile reactions from others, with feelings of persecution common. There have been reported cases of anxiety and panic disorders arising from even one experience with the drug. This reaction has also been reported in research undertaken by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.


here's my story:
i'm 17 and i started smoking last september. i smoked headies and that's all and i smoked probably about once or twice a week and loved it. everything was straight and fun as sh*t. i smoked until about late april when one night me and 3 of my friends went on my friends roof and us 4 split two bowls. which isn't very much, i think we smoked mids i'm not sure. all of the sudden i passed out. and woke up. everything was shaking i was seeing double and my head was really hot. i said "oh sh*t" and walked back inside freaking out that i was gonna fall off the roof. on my way to the window i passed out again and luckily my friend caught me and put me inside. i woke up on my friends bed and all my friends were inside like wtf man what's wrong. the same sh*t was happening. i was seeing double, i tried to get up and walk but it was a like i was really really drunk i was stumbling everywhere. my friend helped me down the stairs and i was dying of thirst so i went and got two water bottles, then i have no idea why but i went on his front lawn and started drinking them b/c of how thirsty i was. i was still freaking out and thought i was going to die because my heart seemed to be beating sooooo fast it scared the sh*t out of me. then all of the sudden, out of nowhere. i threw up all over the place and all over me. and i just passed out. it was the scariest sh*t that's ever happened to me. i have smoked twice since then but both times i get severe anxiety attacks and i can't smoke anymore cause i seriously freak out and i hate it. i hate that i can't smoke. even though it's probably better for me. i have no idea wtf or why it happened to me. it wasn't even that much weed maybe it was laced? but my friends didn't have the same problems. so yeah man
i'm on the same page as you are on the smoking. i don't have panic attacks though when i'm not high.


I'm 17.
Here's my story.
I didn't smoke pot that much, probably a few times a month. One day when I was with my
Ex-Boyfriend and his friend we decided to smoke, my ex-boyfriend smokes but his friend doesn't so we shared
a Joint together, I took a few hits, I was really high. I remember turning too him and telling him that I was really high,
and that I didn't like it all at. I was sitting down, and the next thing I remember I was standing up and walking too
the end of his room, nothing seemed real, and everything kept repeating, like they were saying the same things over
and over again. I was freaking out, the only thing that I could think of was that it was laced and I was in a really bad
trip and that I was never going to come out of it, which freaked me out even more. I kept telling them too call 911, we just left
cause they were going to take me back too my house which wasn't far away at all. Then I kinda came out of it, I really
didn't know what had happened, then after that I was fine, I didn't want to go home, cause I didn't want my mom to find out,
so we were just going to go back to his house, then when we turned around too go back too his house, we ran out of
gas, so my ex-boyfriend left to go get another car, and his friend stayed with me. Then I started freaking out again, I didn't know what was wrong with me. The only thing I could think of was that I was going to stay like that forever. I was in the middle of the road like freaking out. Then my ex-boyfriend came back and picked me up and brought me back to my house. I saw my mom, and I kept telling her to call 911, but I have pretty bad anxiety anyways, and I told her that I had been smoking pot so she knew I would
come out of it and be fine. I was still kind of freaking out when I was at my house, I was shaking so bad, and my heart so
beating so fast. I laid down, then after a little while I was fine. It was the most scariest night of my life! I was really
embarrassed too because of what had happened. I haven't smoked pot since and I plan on never smoking it again!


yah im 16 and i am a guy that is a straight a student and i seen my friends and brotehr doing weed so i smoked a few roaches beforer i went to a friends and when we got ther like i took a massive inhale of smoke from a big boy(bong) and then i toke a small one and like ifelt good for awhile like 5 minutes then i started feel wierd like i was on a trip and i was in a bad dream and everthing i was seeing was like glitches in a computer like slow internet and when i was trying to tell everyone i was scared i started to cry and stuff and i didnt know what to do well i got calmed down but i startt to freak out agian and i finally sat in achair try to process what i ws seeing and doing and hearing and i felt safe but after i went home i came out of the the trip but weed will do some heavy sh*t to you if you do it hard i was a sober person on weed and last night i did it and i was really STONED so if your curios about weed try it see what you think just be with a person you can trust, p s eat alot after your out of the trip it helps you get to bed faster lol


I've experienced the same exact problems, it makes me feel like I've gotten soft or turned into a p*ssy. I used to go out with friends often but then I stopped because I would randomly get an axiety/panic attack, so for awhile I did what you were doing, stayed inside and played video games. As weeks went on, I saw no change, so I waited and waited. It has been almost 7 months now and I feel better than what I used to. The trick to getting over anxiety/panic attacks is to lie to yourself, somewhat like giving yourself a mental placebo, I call them. Just tell yourself it's nothing and that you'll be better, and honestly, you will be better. To be honest, you actually aren't lying to yourself, you're just helping yourself out. After awhile I still have attacks but not as bad as they used to be, and when I do I overpower them by getting angry at them (sounds funny but it works), I would just get really pissed because I wouldn't let the attacks take over my life because I am the one in control.