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I am a thirteen year old girl and I've noticed that hair has started growing on my chest, stomach, and boobs. Is this normal, and if not, any idea what might be wrong?


Get some blood tests done to check  your hormone levels, i have hormone issues and i have excessive hair all over, my back top and lower especially the left side at the top, on my chest, breasts, arms, legs and i grow a beared, they call it PCOS but they'll try and say it's your weight or what you eat too but that's not fair because people with hormone issues from genetics are born big and will always be big and some with hormone issues have trouble losing weight altogether because of it, they think it's like diabeties because supposidly it can cause diabeties but there isn't sufficent evidence as of yet but it's supposidly to do with the pituitary glad that stops working in females where it's genetic for their mother and women on her side to also have hormone issues, the sex hormone is different for some reason, they noticed this in female monkeys too yet they fed them perfectly healthy diets so it's nout to do with diet, yes being unhealthy CAN stop you having periods but it doesn't cause effects like exessive hair and some to zero periods like i'm having too. I never knew about this like a lot of other females for a long time and it took me a while to know what it is and why it happens, but Polycystic Ovary Syndrome isn't really the best name for it because it's meant to be because of the Pituitary Gland and the Sex Hormones, people have tried to get it change but it's not happened so far, but any amount of Excessive Hair shows you probs have the hormone problems. I've suffered with feeling depressed, low energy and anxious since i was 15 and it's just got worse from the age of 24, best they do though is put you on Contraceptive to help you get your period but my advice is get the blood tests first to find out what hormones could be imbalanced then decide what Contraceptives to take, but don't go for any implants because they will just worsen it and they are lethal, there is already a risk of blood clots from regular contraceptives. Get it sorted while your still young, if they allow you to go on Contraceptives since your only 13, i don't reckon they would so you may have to way, but get the blood tests, they will tell you to get an Ultrasound test too but most women with this condition usually don't grow any large pollucks on their ovaries, changing hormones CAN triggure them to grow like during pregnancy, teen to adult body changes or menopause so be wary of that too but it's rare.