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I'm having a lot of problems finding a Dermatologist that accepts Medicaid in my area and even out of my area that I live.
I haven't done ANYTHING differently ... I have never even dyed my hair!
I don't know what's going on but all I know is that I'm terrified that it's something that can't be reversed!
My hair isn't thinning it's literally falling out in that one particular spot.
It doesn't itch, it's not red and it's not even tender so it can't be Eczema. (Spell check Sorry!)
I've looked on webmd and every other site but I know that I won't know what it truly is until I can actually GO to a Dermatologist.
I'm so scared that since it's taking me SO long to locate a Dermatologist that takes Medicaid that IF it could be reversed that it will be too late by the time I get to see the Dr!
I am absolutely mortified by this! I'm crying right now as I'm typing!
It's just so embarrassing and frustrating and I don't know what the hell to do.
I went to see my PCP about it and ALL he could "tell" me was that I needed to see a Dermatologist about it because he didn't know what it was or what could be causing it.
I then asked him if he knew ANY Dermatologist that accepted Medicaid and he said that he did not.
Overly frustrated, I came back home and then called my Case Worker at Social Services and asked her if she would mail me a list of Dermatologists that DID accept Medicaid (Even if they were an hour or so away) and she has yet to do this. It's almost been a MONTH and I've been calling and leaving message after message and NOTHING so far! Nothing!
I PROMISE you that I'm NOT trying to seem self centered but it's so embarrassing!
I cannot even tell you in words how upset this has made me. I'm TRYING my best to NOT stress because for all I know that could make it worse but that is much easier said than done.
It's not Female Pattern Baldness or anything like that, that much at least I do know. As far as what it is ... I have NO clue but it really is starting to scare me.
I always used to complain about fixing my hair and now that's ALL I want to be able to do ... Fix my hair and style it the way I like it and make it look unique. (Sometimes I like to style my hair all weird and wild looking-Ha-Ha)
I've tried SO hard to cover it up and there is NO WAY that I can move or style my hair to cover it. I've tried.
It's not my hair products because half the time I don't even use them and plus I've done my research on what I DO put on my hair.
I looked up ALL my medications and NONE of them cause hair loss OR hair growth.
What do I do?
I hope to GOD that I find a Dermatologist soon that takes Medicaid because there is NO way that I can pay that out of pocket, there's no way!

Thank you for listening to me and taking the time to read this!

PS. Just in case I didn't give enough information about this please feel MORE THAN FREE to post ANY questions that you may have or any advice on what it could be that's making my hair do this.
Thank you!


Hi honey! I can help you a bit further with some more information OK?

•Weight gain or increased difficulty losing weight
•Coarse, dry hair
•Dry, rough pale skin
•Hair loss
•Cold intolerance (you can't tolerate cold temperatures like those around you)
•Muscle cramps and frequent muscle aches
•Memory loss
•Abnormal menstrual cycles
•Decreased libido


What should have been before all those was this "Are you experiencing any of the following?" LOL


Fatigue - No

Weakness - Mild

Weight gain or increased difficulty losing weight - No

Coarse, dry hair - No

Dry, rough pale skin - No

Hair loss - Yes (Only in that one spot though)

Cold intolerance (you can't tolerate cold temperatures like those around you) - Yes. My partner gets irritated because it could be 100 degrees outside and I still will get chilly. I do have an Overactive Thyroid but my PCP keeps close tabs on that)

Muscle cramps and frequent muscle aches - No

Constipation - I have IBS but it doesn't bother me all the time.

Depression - Yes

Irritability - Yes

Memory loss - No

Abnormal menstrual cycles - Yes

Decreased libido - No, actually it's the exact opposite

I'm glad that you asked me those questions because I would have NEVER thought to put that in with my original question!
Like I said, ask anything!
All I want is for it to grow back, that's ALL that I want!

IMPORTANT: I forgot to tell you something that is VERY important so here it is: Every single time the hair does start growing back (I know when it's TRYING to grow back because I can feel the stubble or whatever you want to call it) in that one spot it falls out. So, it does TRY and grow back but the end result is still the same ... There is no hair in that spot.
God, I know you are probably already sick to death of seeing this typed but I'm so upset about this.
I've NEVER cared what ANYONE has thought of me or said about me but this I just cannot handle. I just can't!

Thank you SOOOOOOO much for taking the time to respond because I need ALL the help I can get, all the advice I can get and all the suggestions of what it may or may not be.

So, I can't thank you enough for taking the time! I know you have better things to do than listen to me whine! Ha-Ha!


Cold intolerance (you can't tolerate cold temperatures like those around you) - Yes. My partner gets irritated because it could be 100 degrees outside and I still will get chilly. I do have an Overactive Thyroid but my PCP keeps close tabs on that)

I'm sorry! I meant to say I can't tolerate cold temperatures! Ha!
Can you tell I'm scatter brained right now?! Ha-Ha!
I Apologize for my mistake.


Actually hon you answered yourself what i was about to say! You have CLASSIC symptoms of Hyper Thyroidism! Do you have Goiters? You need to be seen by a Endicronologist! And have your blood tested! IF you aren't on any pills right now, I would - and I'm sure your doctor would too - advise certain medications, keeping in mind, it can take awhile for the right "cocktail!" Just know that the hair loss IS temporary! And it WILL grow back as soon as your thyroid is under control! It definitely doesn't sound like Alopecia - because there is NO regrowth! And because you have thyroid problems then you can connect the dots!

You don't have to see a dermatologist OK? Just find a good doctor and get your thyroid tested and on the correct medication, I have known MANY women with under and over active thyroids honey! And ALL of them - after getting the right cocktails and treatment, all grew their hair back! In the mean time try and use one of those hair extension things from a beauty store, ask your hairdresser to show you how to style it! Or - JUST a JOKE - get a BUMP IT!!!!! ;-) 8-| XD Just trying to make you smile honey! I'm not serious - about the bump it!!!! LOL I AM serious about the hair piece - just for now - I have a friend who wears extensions ALL the time, most of the time I don't even know who's talking to me!!! LOL It will be OK honey I promise, just get treated and checked out soon than later and thn they can get with the program! Please let me know how you make out OK?


You have eased my mind IN SO MANY WAYS! You have NO clue how much better I feel because of what you said! I was thinking that it was something awful and/or it wouldn't ever grow back.

What tests, if any, do I need to ask my PCP to run?
Do you know of any medications that are good for this?
What should I do as far as that goes with my PCP?

What you said about wearing a hair piece is a REALLY good idea and I would LOVE to but I can't wear a hair piece because my hair is too short. I have what's called a Pixie Cut. Do you know what that is? If not do a google search for it and you'll know what I mean. I love the cut but I wish that that "spot" wasn't there, you know? Since my hair IS so short it's EXTRA hard for me to hide it and that SUCKS SO BAD!

By the way, you DID make me laugh and I do appreciate that! That's been the first time I've laughed in awhile! Thank you!

What are Goiters? I've never heard of that before. Once I find out what that is I'll be more than happy to answer this question. LOL

Hopefully, I can find an Endocronologist that takes Medicaid! Ha-Ha!
Do you know right off hand if I would have to have a referral to see an Endocronologist? (My insurance is Medicaid and I've never had to see one of these doctors before so I really don't know)
Sorry I'm asking so many questions, I just don't exactly know all that I need to know when it comes to referrals and my rights, as far as being a patient and all of that stuff. LOL

I can't tell you how much I appreciate ALL of what you said! You've been very nice to me and I really appreciate that!
When I posted this question I just knew, even though no one can see me, that someone would make a BAD joke about it and be dead serious about it because I'm only 21 and losing my hair. That's also what I was afraid of.

You're the best! Thank you so much! You've made me worry a little less and I thank you for that!


Your welcome honey! I live in Canada, so we get to see whatever specialist we like! So I'm not sure about Medicaid, below is a site about thyroid tests I know it is the TSH test

on this site there is also a list of doctors, I punched in Medicaid doctors, and there were a lot! Your family doctor will have to get you a Thyroid test first, then go from there!

Due to your hair cut, I know it's short, ask about getting extensions BUT then having them cut down - NOT like Britteney Spears!!!!! - That was NOT a good luck for her!!! ;-) XD

Let your doctor do the work OK? Just tell him/her the symptoms you are having and that you have an over active thyroid etc. IF she doesn't do it for you, get someone else! I know it's hard with the American System - and insurance saying who you can or not see!

NOW I know what I'm about to say sounds crazy BUT I have known people that have done it! There is a spray for bald spots, it comes in varying colors, depending on the size of the spot, you spray the color onto it, so it isn't noticeable! There used to be one for women with dark roots! So check into that OK? Take Biotin and Folic Acid - this really helps your hair keep healthy and grow! Massaging the head with your pads of your finger, get that blood moving into your hair folicles. Use a peppermint shampoo - too invingorate the hair folicle!

Goiters are enlarged growths on the bottom of the neck = it looks like you have been taking steroids, JUST in your neck! ;-) It looks like you have a fatty neck, mostly round masses!

My hair is VERY important - so I TOTALLY get your worries honey! I had skin cancer surgery on my head 4 weeks ago and the doctor - at first was going to take a line about an inch wide across my scalp!!!! I was devestated, I was actually hyperventilating about not having hair at the front of my head! THEN he suggested taking a skin graft off of my bottom!!!!!! Go ahead you can laugh - I have and MANY others!!!! All I kept thinking of is that I would have long blonde hair on one part of my head and Dark little curly bits on the front of my head!!!! XD XD XD o.O ;-) XD NOW that would be something to cry about!!!! He decided against it - after I grabbed his scrotum!!!! LOL ;-) So now I have bangs and a large incision under the bangs! So there is always a way around these things honey OK?

I don't know the rights of Americans as far as what they can demand etc. BUT when it comes to your health don't take NO for an answer OK? Good luck honey!


I'm sorry to hear about your past difficulties, I really am.
I went to my PCP and saw another doctor there and they ran TONS of tests on me (Hormonal levels, TSH, EVERYTHING) and she said that more than likely it's Hormonal and that I could possibly need Hormone Replacement Therapy. She said though it did all depend on the tests and what they said.
I will most definately keep you posted though! :-)
The tests are due back in the next week or so.
So, when I get a call from my doctor's office I'll post on here to let you know.
Thank you SO much again!
I'll be checking out that site by the way!


I'm sorry to hear about your past difficulties, I really am. I'm glad you're okay though!
I went to my PCP and saw another doctor and she ran some tests on me and did blood work. She said more than likely that it was Hormonal and that (Depending upon what the tests say) I might need Hormone Replacement Therapy.
The tests are suppost to be back within the next week and when they call me I'll most definately post about it to let you know.
Thank you for the site! I'll be checking that out!
Thank you once again and you stay well! :-)


Thyroid and hormones are VERY closely related! But i still think it is your thyroid, only time will tell! What is a PCP?


PCP means Primary Care Physician or in other words just a family doctor.
Once again I HAVE to say that I thank you for ALL of your help! Like I said, I will make sure that I keep you posted. As soon as I get the results from the doctors office I will let you know. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that my hair will grow back! :-)
Best Wishes! :-)


Already crossed honey! and it WILL grow back!


Okay. I have a list of ALL the tests that they ran. The majority of them have to do with Hormones. I don't know what all of the initials stand for but if you are curious about them and what they mean then you can look them up.

The following are the blood tests they ran:

The results SHOULD be in no later than September 7th.
I'll let you know when they call me with all of the results.

Once again I appreciate you're concern, advice and compassion!


Unfortunately or fortunately I know what these are, they are all hormone, thyroid and iron deficiency related! These WILL get to the bottom of your condition! The TSH and the Testosterone and DHEA I'm more interested in finding out what they look like! So fingers still crossed for you honey - it's hard to type though ;-) - and let me know when you get the results!