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My son is now 3 year old, he had an APGAR of 1-4 also know as not so good. He was born with respratory distress, kidney failure, liver failure. He had sever sepsis at birth and almost didn't make it. Robby had to be revived for 15 min.

He doesn't get sick to to often, but when he does he gets a fever that lasts more then 10 days. I don't like to rush him to the doctors at the first sniffel they always say just wait it out. Then I feel like a bad mother because the fever don't go away. After 5 days is when i usually call the doctor. I am a nurse and know how to read a themomotor. :O

Thank you,



5 days running a fever is to long of a time not to call his doctor. You being a nurse should know that. Being that he came into this world struggling, i would be on top of every sniffle. A fever is telling you that something is going on in his little body, which warrants a call to his doctor, at least a phone call. This way the doctors can chart all the times that he is sick with these temps, possibly leading to another complication. Even a long running low grade temp tells you something could be brewing.

Sometimes when a child runs a temp for more than 4 or 5 days, they could develop ROSEOLA which is a rash that begins to cover their bodies after the fever has broke. They are usually feeling their worst before the rash breaks out while the temp is elevated. The temp could climb as high as 104 degrees. Lethargy, loss of appetite, crankiness and sleeplesness are a few of the possibilities during the fever.

Also remember that if a temp climbs that high, seizures could erupt.
Many moms/dads hate to call their pedi at the slightest discomfort, but so what, this is your child and your concerns are genuine. What does your doctor tell you after 5 days? When my kids were small, (5 of them) their charts at the pedi's office were the size of a dictionary. Never feel funny calling him/her, that is what they are there for.


Please take your child to an infectious diseases specialist.

Has your child been exposed to something, (stuffed animal etc) that may have had canine semen on it? Mine was, at age two, and developed Brucellosis, aka Undulant fever. This can also be contracted from raw milk products, i.e. cheese.

Please get to the bottom of these fevers. This is not normal. Our ped dr. did not catch this at all. My son developed neurological prolems from the brucellosis.

Sincerely, Joni