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My 6 year old son has progressively gotten worse. I thought it was acid reflux. He acts normal so I don't feel this is critical. When he is active and laughing a lot, he needs to put his entire body into a deep breath every 15 seconds, followed by a yawn and headache. We have tried a Pro Air inhaler with a spacer to no avail. It is NOT ASTHMA which we thought it was for a while. It scares my husband and I, yet we see how it goes away when my son lies down or is in a recubant position. He has been pointing to his sternum telling us it hearts occassionally (some days). The nurse at school did a co2 test the other day when his teacher saw him struggling to breath in class. The nurse called concerned because she said he clearly had trouble, and his co2 was flucuating and a bit low. I told the Pediatrician (one I don't normally see) and he said the nurse misunderstood. He responded that if this was urgent my son would be acting lathargic. I agree to an extent... I think all things start someone, and I rather nip it early than wait for a lathargic child. My only doubt about acid reflux is that it resolves when my son lies down. I told the DR that and he said I must be wrong. The DR said he could have a hiatal hernia which will make it tough to breath at times, but it will resolve on it's own with the medication he has prescribed. My son will also clear his throat after his deep breaths- suttle dry sound, no big deal.

If you have any clues, I'd appreciate your input. I don't want to p*****f the DR's office, yet I don't want to overlook anything either.


Do you know what his CO2 was? How about a SPO2...did they do that?

I think I would try a different doctor at this point. Sometimes it is easy to get 'tunnel vision' - and another provider may easily see something that the 1st missed just because they were focusing on something else.