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My 1 year old son has been having a very runny nose, high temperature, is always tired and clingy, inside of his ears are red, he had convulsions but i treated him for it and they have stopped for now. He has not been sleeping either.

I took him to the doctors and he said it was an upper respiratory infection, or in other words a cold. He prescribed calpol but it has not been keeping his temperature down. I'm worried he may have been diagnosed wrong?


The high temp. part would bother me. I understand a runny noise, tired and clingy but it's the on going fever that would have me seeking out a second opinion.
Were the convulsions caused from the high fever?


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Its so hard when they cant tell you whats the matter or where it hurts.

This happened to me when my daughter was 3. She was just off colour. Not eating, drinking loads. Which was unusual for her. Sleeping alot. Which again was unusual for her and she had a high temp.
I felt she was living on calpol.

It went on for a month. The doctors kept saying it was a flu virus. In the end i suspected she could be Diebetic, So i took a water sample to the doctors an asked them to test for it.

Which he did and sent me straight up to the hospital.... She had a bad kidney infection.

She now has scaring to the kidney because it went on too long an not treated.

Dont let them fob you off. Keep going back. Take a water sample with you. alot can be seen on the test.

Good luck. Let us know how you go on.


Hey Kerry,
bbfeet here again. i just remembered something that may be of assistance to you. You didn't mention how long this has been going on for but, when my grandson was just about a year old, which was 3 weeks ago, he came down with the exact same symptoms as your baby. Afew days passed by and i would tell my daughter that he is catching a pretty nasty cold. His nose ran like a water faucet, clear at first, then after a few days, turning green. He had a very high tem as well, with the highest hitting 104. His ears were red and he pulled on them, which we though was an ear infection. He also had a raspy cough and gagged when he couldn't control it, bringing up a lot of phlegm. She took him into the ER late at night as he wouldn't sleep and was burning up. Drs. checked him out and discovered nothing, sending him home to alternate between tylenol and motrin. This continued on. 2 more days had passed and he was still very lethargic and cranky, still not sleeping, and temp still up there. She could break his fever only temporarily, shooting it straight back up to over 103. Another trip to the ER. This time they did blood work and a urine sample, once again, nothing. His white blood count was fine and his urine was where it was supposed to be. Back home at 3 a.m. with tylenol and motrin. Afew more days passed and she took him to his Pedi. She could not find a thing wrong but said...once his fever breaks and stays away for 24 hours, he may break out in a strawberry type rash covering his whole little body. It would be called Roseola. Sure enough, after about 8 days of a high fever, he woke up one morning covered from head to toe in a red, slightly bumpy rash. My daughter called the Pedi. and she wanted to see the baby in her office just to make sure. It was, for sure, Roseola. The rash stayed with him for a little less than a week and only got really red when he took a warm bath or got heated up. The rash pops out better when there is exposure to heat or warmth. He was in a very good mood thru the rash, it had no affect on his disposition, he ate better and he finally started sleeping at night.
I hope this helps, and i'm sorry i didn't think of it sooner. Now maybe you can ask your Dr. if this could possibly be the problem.