My 5 yr old son (since he was approx a year old)  is sick with fever every month. about every 2-3 he gets a high temp, his knees hurt, headaches, stomach cramps, mood swings.hes had strep 3 times this year. he has been having accidents (number 2) for a year now. says he doesn't realize he's doing it till its too late, he recently started wetting the bed at nights. he goes from happy no cares in the world to down and cant function over night sometimes. he's been on antibiotics 9 times this year alone. sometimes twice a month. his eyes sometimes looks blood shot and black underneath. and he gets emotional very easily anymore. on 12-14-15 he had blood work done. cbc-esr and an immune globulin panel. his esr is 10. the other blood work showed his only levels not in the normal range are his lym%  24.3 L, mon% 8.8H, mon# 1.07 H, eos# 0.53 H. his Immunoglobulins A E G M is not back yet. Any one else have similar problems like this. we just switched to a new dr in oct when an ER found he had pneumonia on an xray but said his lungs were clear (makes no sense but that's what they said). it took him getting sick 3 times in less then 2 months before they decided to do blood work. any one that can give helpful insight would be appreciated.