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I am looking for information regarding Human Growth Hormone as a potential treatment for Fibromyalgia.


Hi there, I found some information out for you. Take a look at this:

As a result of these studies, human growth hormone is available in limited quantities to fibromyalgia sufferers. However, this type of therapy is extremely expensive, and usually costs between US$500 and $1000 monthly. Human growth hormone supplements are injected into the blood stream. Though generally safe, there are some side effects associated with human growth hormones. These include:

* hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)

* low thyroid function

* high blood pressure

* diabetes

* enlargement of the heart or kidneys

Children should not take any type of growth hormone therapy unless advised by a health professional. Human growth hormone therapy has been linked with a rare disorder known as giantism. Giantism causes the body to grow at alarming rates, causing extreme health risks. Adults taking human growth hormone therapy should also be monitored by a health care practitioner.

Does that help you with your information? From my understanding, it's not that common.