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i have resently been told that you can restore your foreskin if you have been curcumsized.. obviously not fully restored but make it apear that it is un circumsized..
is ths safe to do or are there any serious problems with trying it?


Foreskin restoration allows circumcised men to have a foreskin. Although not as good as what nature provides, a restored foreskin is a vast improvement over being circumcised. The glans and inner foreskin remnant, which are mucous membranes, regain their natural mucosal nature and become as sensitive as they should be. The restored foreskin provides that great gliding action that results in some fantastic orgasms.

There are many sites on the Internet that aid men in. To restore a foreskin, all you do is apply tension to your skin by tugging. I use manual tugging. Others use t-tape, a tugger, a tapeless device, or a weighted device to tension their skin. In a couple years you have a foreskin.