I had a minor accident just over a year back (end of March). Although I didn't think it would be fracture, but X ray revealed that there was fracture in my right foot. My Doctor applied plaster which was there for 3 weeks. Then a walking cast was applied for another 3 weeks. Physiotherapy only started in July and I went through 10 sessions of Physiotherapy which didn't help much but the doctor declared that I am better and asked me to continue with medicines for a month. I had consulted many doctors and had lost confidence but I continued with the medicines. As per the Doctor last two X-ray reports were fine. 

I consulted another Doctor in Oct and MRI was done which revealed that fracture has not healed completely.Doctor asked me to go for Physiotherapy and prescribed some medicines. I went through Physiotherapy sessions again and continued with the new medicines for a few months. After 10 Physiotherapy sessions, there wasn't much improvement and Doctor asked me to go for more Physiotherapy sessions. Insurance company rejected the request for more sessions but I continued with medicines for few more days but stopped it by February March.

I have really lost confidence on these Doctors and don't want to risk my health further by the side effects of the medicines which aren't helping at all.

My question- Is it normal/ common to have pain while walking even after one year after 20 sessions of Physiotherapy and almost 7-8 months of medication?