hi, i fractured my fibula on setember 27 2009, hospital x-rayed me and advised it was torn ligaments and bruised knee, i took off work for 2 days and managed to work in pain for 3 weeks after that until i just could not walk any longer, i went to a different hospital where they found a fractured fibula 1 3rd up on the right leg, i was sent home in a tubular bandage and elbow crutches and in the morning i was set in a light weight walking cast below the knee for 3 weeks, but returned 2 1/2 weeks later in unbearable pain, they took further x-rays and advised that it was healing and put me into a removable walking splint, i returned 2 weeks later with even worse pain and after another set of x-rays they set me in cast for 4 weeks, i had to return 2 days later as the cast was too tight so they replaced it,so....during the 4 weeks i had called up asking to be seen about 2-3 times as the pain in my leg was terrible,one doc advised that i may have to have a plate put in but would see at the end of the 4 week treatment, when i returned i was putting pressure in it without using crutches and after mare x-rays the a different doc asked me about the pain, i advised that it is still very painfull, he said ill have to be put in cast for yet another 4 weeks, i asked him about the operation and he advised that they dont do operations on fibula fractures, it is 3.52 am on january 13th 2010 i cant sleep due to pain and at 9am im due back in the hospital, i feel like none of the doctors are listening to me!!! i returned to the hospital 1 week into this cast and they said its healing and theres nothing they can do about it! im off work and im still in alot of pain, 13 weeks tomorrow in different casts and splints and 16 weeks since i fractured it!
im not sure and feel like it will never heal!