I am an 18 yr old female. Let me give you the full play by play.

Day 1 - one BM of diarrhea. i thought it was just something funky i ate

Days 2/3- Only one BM a day that is diarrhea or very soft. Intense stomach cramps (only while going) and a little bit of nausea. Some lower back pain. the BM had like white stuff covering the a few pieces of stool. Possible little "bit" of red. wasnt too sure cause i was very scared. i did have some potato chips with red dye(spicy limon lays). What freaked me out then was the color and the intensity of cramps.

Day 4- Still had stomach cramps while going/just before but they were not as intense. No nausea. Not really like diarrhea just very soft stool. Still had a little bit of white... and now more noticeable "bits" of red. One "bit" showed up on the toilet paper. But it wasnt like straight up liquid BLOOD and my stools have not been dark, so iskfor sure if its blood. Also, continued to have lower back pain. however i havent had any major red foods (only thing i can think of would be pizza sauce) and its difficult to gauge the amount of red because i only have about one BM a day.

Ive been researching since day 2 and things that have come up is IBS, Chrones disease, ulcerative colitis, Cancer, and intestinal parasites. I dont have insurance so a dr really isnt an option at this point and i wouldnt want to go to one anyways because im extremely scared of drs and this is embarrassing. Im thinking of doing a parasite cleanse or maybe a colon cleanse. Idk im just very scared. any adivice/help/suggestions are greatly appreciated