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I'm a 20-year-old female in good health, not overweight and I do not smoke or drink.

For several months I have been experiencing symptoms that correlate very closely to IBS. Fullness or bloating, diarrhea, stomach cramps, ect. I recently changed to a fiber rich, low-fat diet, and my symptoms have lessened greatly. But now I am faced with a new set of alarming problems.

As of late, my stool has been soft, but solid, I've had a little discomfort, I've occasionally had white/creamish color mucus on the outside of the stool and small white specks in one or two of the bowel movements. Today and yesterday, I noticed normally colored red blood on the outside of the stool as well as a sack-like pouch of blood attached to one of the bowel movements. I believe it has happened in the past as well.

After some research online, I am getting nervous that I may be experience symptoms of colon cancer or polyps instead of just IBS.

I'm a little embarrassed to go to the doctor with these symptoms and the procedures that will need to be done as I have a slight fear of procedures, but I do not want to ignore these signs anymore.

I don't know if colon cancer runs in my family and I am only 20 years old.

Should I go to my doctor and have these symptoms checked out soon?


You should always go to the doctor if you have bloody stool. This sounds like it could be something serious. Get it checked out immediately. I'd even consider going to urgent care instead of getting an appointment with a doctor.

Take care of yourself, hon. I know procedures are scary, but you don't want this to get worse.


I agree with the previous poster about seeking medical can never be too cautious....but having said that:

Colon Cancer is very rare in people under have some peace about that. :-)

I have pretty bad IBS which is D predominant and I have some red blood in some of my stool due to hemerhoids (sp?) that have developed from pregnancy and constant Diarrhea. But this is me and I did get all the tests done to rule out othe conditions. The procedures are uncomfortable and yes the subject feels taboo but it's worth the peace of mind.

Good Luck!