im only 15 and i have just recently had my appendixs out this was 6 weeks ago i am getting very bad diarrhea some days it would be just like water and other days it would be very soft stoools! i have diarrhea at the least 5/6 times a day! Whenever i eat i get the diarrhea worse, its normally when i eat i get the very soft stools that i cannot handle! my stomache cramps went after i had my appendixs out but i have recently started getting them back on the left side and i cannot handle it! i have had a blood test and a stool test to see if i have any kind of infection and get the results on fri but i dont think i can last this any longer! i am recently studying at school for my gcses but i cannot go in because of the diarrhea i've missed so much i need to get back in! please anyone could u give me some advice of what to do or what this could be? please help thanks for your time!