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hii i am 23 years old i am gettin frequent headache for the past 1 week ,burning eyes,headache only in my right hand side, sometimes dizziness ,and also i am feeling throat pain and also its like some think is very hard to explain in between the eyes


Maybe you are experiencing early signs of flu and your body is still fighting against it so you are not recognizing it just yet. This is something that usually happens to me because I am always trying to deny the fact that I am going to get sick so I am trying to live and do all the things I usually do. I experience headaches and dizziness and my eyes are burning because of the temperature. After two weeks I am better or totally sick. I am aware that this is not the best way to deal with it but afterwards I must go and see my doctor.

So you have two choices. To visit your doctor and see what is going on or try to get over that on your own.