Hello my name is David and I'm 18 years old student.

Okay so I have been having these for a while now:

Headaches (on the front and the sides of my head)


Blackouts not faints (It happened twice at college before as I was sat in class. I kind of turned off, I lost my vision plus my head went straight down but I went back to normal nearly immediately as I felt like falling down. Then after that I had a headache and felt very tired)Instant temperature change (I get very hot out of nowhere)


My eyes hurt to move in all directions from time to time

Weak memory (forget things or can't remember them)

Back pains (usually when doing some physical exercise)

Constant thoughts of suicide (I just keep thinking that I'm too weak and not good enough, that I am just a waste of space and I can't do anything right. I was about to do it before but I just wasn't brave enough to do it! And now I just keep thinking about it I am also usually very quiet and don't talk or want to talk to people)


I have a blood test appointment on the 29h of January


Please help and Thanks