Alright so heres the deal. I have had this headache for going on a month. Usually starts as soon as I wake up. As the day goes on it gets worse.
There has been about 3 days within a month period I have not had this headache. I cannot make it to the doctors right now due to lack of insurance and the funds are not there. It is like, behind my eyes and at my neck / head line. Ive gotten glasses - didnt help. Ive tried every kind of OTC headache medicine - has not worked. I gave up caffeine which seemed to only make it worse. It does not feel like a sinus headache. It literately feels like a throbbing / pulsing non stop splitting headache. It gets bad enough at times that I feel like I am going to throw up or pass out. There has been one occasion that I blacked out from it.
I am just wondering if any of you have any thoughts on what maybe causing this or what to try to get rid of it. ( Yes I am aware that I should consult a doctor but I am not able to till next month )