Hello, I’m new to this website and would like to share something and many s get some answers or advice. On Sunday, I had a very itchy nose internally on my eyes felt watery and heavy. But that was all that was bothering me. When I woke up I felt I had a fever. Flu symptoms, temperature dizziness, disorientated, aches in my legs runny nose, the whole thing really. It was the same the next day, but it included vomiting and the symptoms felt worse. It also included very painful acid reflux which felt like it was burning my insides. This went on until Friday morning when I woke up and felt my fever had passed but I’m still feeling bloated after not eating for four days. It is now Sunday morning and my appetite has not returned. It feels like I am suffering from indigestion when I eat or drink something small. I have no appetite and feels like I’ve already eaten a dinner today despite only eating about three slices of toast in a week. Could anyone tell me is this normal? Or should I go see a doctor for something more serious?